ips e.max® & ips Empress®

Crowns, and bridges up to 3 Units, with total lengths up to 14mm pontic span, or single crowns for all positions in the mouth.


•1mm Shoulder margin

•1.5mm axial wall reduction

•2mm incisal/occlusal reduction required.

•No Knife-edge margins

•Note: As with any all-ceramic, no sharp or right angles.

Cementation Protocol
e.max® can be bonded using adhesive systems with dual cure resins, or cemented using low expansion cements, like resin-modified glass ionomers.

Adjustment Tips

•When adjustments are necessary, adjust prepped tooth.

•Use a diamond with water for ceramic adjustments of veneer porcelain.

•Avoid carbide use.

In-Lab Turnaround Time – 7 Working Days

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e-Max / Empress® Restorations

The Empress family of pressed ceramic restorations started the esthetic revolution over 15 years ago, in the 90’s, and set new standards in aesthetic all-ceramic dentistry. More than 33 million IPS Empress restorations have been fabricated since then. They are testimony to the longevity of natural-looking restorations, sustained success and high quality standard. Since that beginning, Empress has been on at the forefront of esthetic dentistry. Ivoclar has expanded its reportage from the original IPS Empress, to include IPS Empress Esthetic, and IPS e.max.

IPS Empress Esthetic®

Empress Esthetic is an improvement to Empress that increased the esthetics by delivering greater translucence and vitality. The material opens up a host of unexpected possibilities, particularly for veneers. Stained or cutback and layered with, the new Empress Esthetic has an enhanced leucite crystal for an even more natural looking restoration.

IPS e.max

e.max provides the same outstanding esthetics and precision marginal accuracy of the original Empress system. IPS e.max is fabricated the same way as original Empress, but consists of completely different ingredients. e.max consists of a lithium disilicate core that is layered with a fluor-apatite glass ceramic. This process mimics natural tooth structure, not only in composition, but also in wear rates and natural esthetics the layering with a translucent enamel-like layer. e.max also has tooth-like fluorescence, opalescence, and an enamel-like translucency. The unique lithium disilicate framework has added strength for anterior 3-unit bridges (which includes premolars) and single anterior or posterior crowns. e.max restorations can be cemented with low-expanding resin modified glass ionomer cements or bonded with resin cements.


•No allergy potential or irritation of tissue.

•Low thermal conductivity provides greater comfort for your patient.


e-max Cmentation Guidehttp://www.ivoclarvivadent.us/emaxchangeseverything/cementation/index.php
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