Using the most advanced techniques, Burbank has provided reliable, esthetic dentures for nearly 30 years. All of our full denture bases are fabricated utilizing the heat-cured, Success® Injection System of Lucitone® 199, for a comfortable, precision fit.

The Success Injection System

The Success® Injection System combines the precision of high-pressure injection with the top performance of Lucitone® dental resins. The result? A wide variety of dental appliances delivered with more consistency and significantly greater accuracy than the standard compression molding technique.

Our technicians will complete your custom Rx with your choice of teeth - porcelain, multilayered composite, or hardened acrylic denture teeth.
The most popular teeth are: Classic ( Standard teeth), BlueLine™ by Ivoclar, Trubyte® IPN® by Dentsply

Advantages / Benefits

•Predictable results

•Aesthetically pleasing

•Superior fit and function

•Reduces post-insertion adjustments

Denture Services

•Injected Process Denture

•Hard Relines

•Soft Relines

•Custom Trays with Handles

•Surgical Trays

•Rebase Denture

•Over-denture Bar

•Patient's Name in Denture


•Wax Set-Ups

•Variety of teeth to choose from

Lucitone 199 Denture®

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