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The Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System is completely new material and denture technique. Eclipse is the most revolutionary change in denture fabrication in over 50 years. Developed by Dentsply International, Eclipse is a product destined to create a new standard equaled only by its sister material, Lucitone® 199, for full dentures, partial dentures, night guards and provisional partial dentures.

The two biggest benefits of the Eclipse system are its exceptional fit and its unsurpassed bio-compatibility.

Eclipse Denture System

1.Imagine the advantages of knowing your final fit at your bite block appointment. Try-in is set up in the actual resin material, not wax. Processed shrinkage is less than half that of other denture materials such as Lucitone 199. This means less distortion, less post insertion adjustments and fewer sore spots.

2.Eclipse is monomer-free. This reduces potential negative biologic responses to a very low level.

Even though Eclipse is a completely new system, you won't have to establish new procedures. Your appointments will remain the same.


1.All of the detail and landmarks must be supplied in the very first model. With this new technique, the base plate we make on your first model is, in fact, the finished denture base.
*The need for a wash impression is eliminated. This is how the fit at try-in is equal to the fit at finish.

Eclipse Advantages:

•40% stronger than Lucitone 199 with regard to impact strength and durability.

•Eclipse system is more durable than wax at the try-in phases.

•Easily manipulated after a hot water bath. It can be relined or repaired with the Eclipse material or hard acrylic.

•Improved stain and plaque resistance.

•More vibrant gum color for a more natural look.